Wyatt, Scott- Lifepoints, for tuba with percussion and tape (Digital Download)

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For tuba with percussion and tape, includes two scores and audio accompaniment (digital file in download). In this work, both the tuba and percussionist are equal partners along with the electronic sounds. Three contrasting movements utilize finger cymbal, three suspended cymbals, sizzle cymbal, tam tam, wood slab, four toms, bass drum, marimba and four timpani. A recital choice for either tubist or percussionist. Duration: 10'

Print size: Letter (8.5 x 11")

Review from Percussive Notes (Dec. 2020):


Scott Wyatt  

 “Lifepoints” is a challenging work featuring percussion and tuba equally across three movements, all set against the backdrop of an electronic accompaniment. The equal treatment makes this an appropriate recital selection for either a percussionist or tubist at the collegiate level and beyond.  

All percussion parts in the first movement (which includes toms, a wood slab, and cymbals) are written with x-noteheads, making it non-intuitive to read. The percussion part for this movement is mostly made up of rolls on toms and the other non-pitched percussion instruments. The entirety of the second movement percussion part is on marimba, playing rolls in unison with a rather dated (1990, and thus, dated-sounding) electronic accompaniment. It’s easy for the marimba part to be consumed by the accompaniment. Balance is paramount for a successful performance. The third movement is driving and energetic. The percussion part is primarily written for timpani and requires extensive pedaling, making this the most involved movement of the percussion part. It’s an exciting, rewarding conclusion to the piece.  

The electronic accompaniment part may turn some people off to this, but it’s worth checking out if the instrumentation interests you.  

—Brian Elizondo