Cuomo, James


Born 7 March 1945, James Cuomo attended North Texas State University (Bachelor of Arts, 1966) and the University of Illinois (Master of Music, 1970). His composition teachers include Samuel Adler, Herbert Brun, Kenneth Gaburo, Salvatore Martirano and Ben Johnston. He is active as a performer and composer making his home in Paris. His many commissions include Brittanica "Jigsaw", Maxis "Sim City", Cinemaware "Defender of the Crown" and The Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen "Centennial March." He produced the tapes for Cage's HPSCHD and participated in his Musicircus. He was named in the Prix de Culture et Nouvelles Technologies, and won prizes at the Monaco Jazz Composition competition, and the Tours Vocal Composition Competitions for "Space Songs" for choir. His work can be heard on "Cuomo's Album (Depot), re-released in 1999 as "Spoils of War" by Shadoks (Hamburg) and "Cuomo Ejazz" at 2003 release on QDK/Normal (Bonn).