Oehlers, Paul


Paul Oehlers' compositions have been performed in the United States, Canada, Latin America, South America, Europe, and Asia including performances at the Society for Electro-acoustic Music in the United States national conferences, the International Computer Music Conference, the Gamper New Music Festival, the College Music Society National Conference, the Seoul
International Electro-acoustic Music Festival, the Institut für Neue Musik und Musikerziehung - Darmstadt, Germany, the Studio PANorama in São Paolo, Brazil, and the VII Annual Brazilian Electronic Music Festival, as well as a 1987 command performance for former United States
President Ronald Reagan. Also active as a film producer and composer, his works have been shown
at the Berlin International Film Festival, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, ESPN‚s EXPN Tube 2000 Film Festival, the Light Plays Tricks Festival, and the WHYY-TV (PBS) Independent Images Film Festival, as well as on iFilm.com, zeroonefilms.com, beigenet.com, movieflix.com,
infopost.com, and atom-bomb.com.