Oehlers, Paul- Residual Impact, for lead steel drum and tape

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For lead steel drum & tape, includes score and audio file (on CD) for accompaniment. Residual Impact is a piece that attempts to deviate from the standard steel drum literature by making pitch one of the less important compositional factors. Oelhlers melds the electronic sounds and the timbres of the steel drum to create an rainbow of new timbres. Duration: ca. 8'

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Review from Percussive Notes:

"Residual Impact" for lead steel drum and two-channel tape was written for Brandon Pool and commissioned by Scott A. Wyatt and the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios. Equipment needed to perform the work includes a lead pan, suspended steel plate struck with bass drum pedal employing a hard rubber bass drum mallethead, and two-channel playback system (CD player, amplifier and speakers). A monitor is optional. The compact disc included with the piece features a recording of the work by Brandon Pool as well as the electro-acoustic part alone. Oehlers's work deviates from standard steel pan literature in that pitch is not an important compositional factor, but rhythm, density and timbre are primary considerations. Additionally, all of the sounds generated in the electro-acoustic part came from steel drum recordings. The lead pan player is asked to use different types of striking implements on the lead pan (rattan sticks, wooden sticks, Superball mallet, and hard, medium and soft rubber mallets) as well as striking different parts of the pan itself (surface area in between pitches, on the edge, on the outside or skirt). "Residual Impact" provides the listener with a unique look into the capabilities of the steel drum or lead pan other than the expected traditional calypso style. Lead pan performers may want to give this one a try.


-Lisa Rogers