Writer, Justin- 26 Each, for unspecified instrumentation

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For any number of instruments, by Justin Writer, includes one score. Freedom and creativity is here for the performers, within the composer's constraints.  Unspecified instrumentation, indeterminate length (7 minutes +/- suggested).  The composer provides 52 motifs for the performers, split between treble and bass clef instruments (so, 26 each).  The instructions are more guidelines and suggestions than rules.  Unlimited variability will allow your ensemble to test their creativity!

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Review from Percussive Notes (Dec. 2020):

26 Each  

Justin Writer  

 “26 Each” is written in the style of the iconic minimalist piece “In C.” The score is a single page with the left side containing 26 independent measures of music in treble clef and the left side containing 26 independent measures of music in bass clef. The piece can be played with any number of instruments, and a lot of the interpretation is left up to the performers with a few strict rules. The performers can begin on any segment and play freely over the score as long as they don’t repeat a measure twice in a row. There is a designated leader who cues a few tutti moments of sustain.  

The composer suggests a playing time of seven minutes but allows for other interpretations. Like similar group pieces, each performance will vary widely depending on the players involved. Though the concept is not new, “26 Each” does involve some new elements that will make it fun for performers to approach. New music ensembles, festivals, and events are always looking for group pieces that can be put together with the players involved, and this piece is exactly what they are looking for. This would be a good score for studios to have in their back pockets to pull out at need.  

—Marilyn K. Clark Silva