Shida, Shoko- Prediction 2, for marimba solo with voice (one player) (Digital Download)

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Prediction 2 for marimba solo and voice, comes with one score. 

Print size: Legal (8.5 x 14")

Review from Percussive Notes (2022):

Prediction 2

Shoko Shida

“Prediction 2” is a marimba solo that blurs the line between traditional concert performance and theatre percussion. While Shoko Shida indicates it is for marimba and voice, the performer is not required to sing but instead asked to shout, speak, and whisper various vocalizations. The piece’s need for dexterity, stamina, and finesse make it suitable for collegiate and professional marimbists.

The composer includes a detailed list of symbols pertaining to both the marimba and vocal parts. For example, long arrows are used for changing from one style of play to another, and circled w’s and v’s indicate which syllables are to be whispered or spoken. Despite these explanations, there are no further program or performance notes. These would have greatly helped the performer with understanding important aspects of the piece such as pronunciation of the text and interpretive considerations. Additionally, one section marked “quasi improvised” instructs the performer to speak “any kind of monologue.” While this request is clear, it is difficult to create a cohesive statement without an overall understanding of the vocalizations.

I enjoy the freedom found throughout the solo. There are numerous tempo changes, pauses of different lengths, and dynamic markings that allow performers to make their own unique interpretations. Additionally, the space between gestures allow the work to breathe despite the rhythmically complex notation. Overall, it is a fine addition to the repertoire.

—Danielle Moreau