Simons, Thomas- Movement, for solo marimba (Digital Download)

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Movement, for solo marimba, includes one score. 

Print size: 11 x 13.5"

Review from Percussive Notes (2021):


Thomas Simons

Written in 1973, “Movement” is a work for solo marimba that explores the full range of the instrument and dynamic control of the performer.

The score is hand-written and appears to be a copy of the original manuscript, adding an intimacy and depth that I value. Furthermore, the rhythmic density, contrasted by the overt use of silence, makes it a rewarding challenge for any college student or professional percussionist.


In the introductory notes, Simons details the symbols he uses for non-measured rests, how performers should interpret accidentals, and other considerations. One of the more interesting observations is his approach to implement choice. Five different mallets are needed for the piece, ranging from soft to hard. However, rather than stating their hardness in the piece, he indicates which notes require which mallet by numbering them 1–5. This will take some planning by the performer before beginning the work.


As previously mentioned, there are prolonged sections of silence throughout the piece. These moments often require a seasoned performer in order to effectively execute them. Additionally, nearly every note has a different and specific dynamic marking, adding an extra level of finesse. Players must be very comfortable executing triplet, quintuplet, and 13-note groupings in succession at various tempos, as many of the denser passages include these rhythms.


“Movement” would be a great addition to an upper-level undergraduate or graduate recital, testing even the most advanced player’s abilities.

—Danielle Moreau