McKenzie, Jack- Rites, for nine percussionists (Digital Download)

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Includes score and parts. 

Print size: Letter (8.5 x 11")

Review from Percussive Notes:

Jack H. McKenzie

This piece is written in five continuous sections: “Processional,” “Earth,” “Air,” “Water,” and “Fire.” The sections incorporate a variety of different implements, as well as the instruments to explore the sounds of the representative elements. Instruments and mallets are clearly indicated through pictograph notation.

The piece revolves around the different timbres that percussionists are able to create, specifically those created with different beaters. The performers need to be very aware of the sound they are producing relative to the composer’s intent. The different metrical changes, along with the subtleties needed, would make a conductor helpful for this work. Although technically nothing is too difficult, the nuances needed would make this work more suitable for an older ensemble. McKenzie utilizes these sounds to create an aural environment that represents each of the elements beautifully. The biggest issue a group might find in the performance of this work is obtaining all of the instruments required. This piece would work very well on a collegiate-level percussion ensemble concert, to showcase the musicality non-pitched percussion instruments can achieve.

—Josh Armstrong