Walker, Rachel C.- Cicada Song, for open ensemble of at least 5 performers

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Cicada Song, for open ensemble of at least 5 performers, includes a score.

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Review from Percussive Notes (2022):

“Cicada Song” is a graphic score containing five lines of markings that can only be described as exquisite. The instructions are: “Players are free to choose their material as they progress through the score — events may thus be duplicated (and so ‘blurred’ in their imprecise overlapping), but everything should be represented.” The dynamics are to be “no louder than mezzo-piano at any given point.”   

Composer Rachel C. Walker has given a lot of freedom to the performers in how to manage the score. This provides an excellent opportunity for experienced players/ensembles to add a terrific new work to their repertoire, as well as an ensemble that is new to interpreting graphic scores to explore how to navigate such an endeavor. I highly recommend “Cicada Song” for ensembles of any level looking for a beautifully done graphic score that offers the performers freedom to interpret it as they see fit.   

—Joe Millea