Albert, Thomas- No Chance, for percussion ensemble of at least six players

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No Chance, for percussion ensemble of at least six players, includes score.

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Review from Percussive Notes (2022):

“No Chance” is an indeterminate composition for a percussion ensemble of at least six players. Scored for a mix of pitched and non-pitched instruments, this 14-minute piece is divided into eight sections and follows a quasi-palindromic structure.   

The work begins with rhythmically unison phrases on marimbas and triangles, transitioning to an “In C”-esque series of patterns. The following sections use pitched metallic instruments such as vibraphone, glockenspiel, and crotales, soon followed by heavily rhythmic gestures on unpitched non-metals. This is followed by repetition of the previous sections in nearly reverse order, culminating with a reprise of the first section.  

If programming “No Chance,” a fair amount of time will need to be dedicated to selecting instruments, crafting setups, and grasping the structure of the music. It is written in score form, which makes it easier to understand from an ensemble perspective. However, the number of pages and size of the score may present challenges during performance. Groups with less experience may benefit from a conductor, though more confident players may be able to navigate a performance without one.  

Because of the length and instrumentation, I recommend “No Chance” as a featured work on any upper-level ensemble concert.   

—Danielle Moreau