Schwartz, Elliott- Options II, for clarinet and tape with optional percussion (Digital Download)

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For solo clarinet and tape with optional percussion, includes two scores and tape (audio file in download).   For this work, the composer gives various examples of how it may be performed. Clear instructions are given regarding the proportional notation. Duration: ca. 7'

Print size: Legal (8.5 x 14")

Review from Percussive Notes:

Elliott Schwartz – Options II

“Options II” for B-flat clarinet and tape with optional percussion, is aleatoric in nature. The composer includes extensive notes explaining the graphics used within the proportional notation. As can be seen in the full instrumentation above, there is a choice left up to the percussionist as to what types of drums and blocks are used. In regard to the form, the composer writes, “Performance of ‘Options II’ is infinitely variable… An uninterrupted performance of all systems by both performers would last four minutes; but the performance should not take place in this way!” Schwartz follows with suggestions about how to divide the systems into solos or duos, as well as sample performance schemes that can be used. This piece would take some digging into in order to fully grasp its musical and artistic potential. The two performers would need time to discuss the performance scheme, as well as exactly how they want to present the work. There seems to be just enough freedom given to the performers, however, to allow for a largely fulfilling experience. I would recommend this work to any clarinet and percussion duo looking for a contemporary work for a recital or other performance.

—Justin Bunting