Percussion: A Course of Study for the Future Band and Orchestra Director - 2nd edition - Student Workbook

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The 2nd Edition of Tom Siwe's percussion methods book offers many more photographic examples of performance technique that will prompt your memory years after you've taken the course. Contains all the information you'll need for training your future students, yet costs less than half of the competition. ISBN 978 0-9635891-6-3

Review from Percussive Notes:

This 254-page text is retired Professor Siwe's percussion methods syllabus and class-by-class schedule for 25 classes (including a draft of a final exam for the course). Topics include: I. Introduction; II. Basic Information; III. The Snare Drum; IV. Bass Drum; V. Cymbals; VI. Timpani; VII. Triangle; VIII. Tambourine; IX. Castanets; X. Small Wood Instruments; XI. Resonant Metal Instruments; XII. Mallet-Keyboard Instruments; XIII. The Drum Set; XIV. World Percussion; XV. Marching Percussion; XVI. Care and Repair; XVII. References; XVIII. List of Resources, Methods and Ensembles; XIX. PAS Rudiment Chart. There are detailed notes and discussion on each subject with Siwe's suggested timelines for each topic. This comprehensive text is not bound, but rather is hole-punched for a three-ring binder and ready for adaptation for the college percussion instructor's use in teaching percussion methods. It could also serve as a superb resource for the band or orchestra director who either did not have as well-organized a course content or who desires an intense review of this subject matter.