O'Connor, G. Allan- Multi-Percussion Solo No. 3, for solo percussion

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For solo percussion, includes instructions and score. Excellent for either high school or early college, this musically demanding solo requires four timpani, snare drum, triangle and marimba. Duration: ca. 4' 45"

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Review from Percussive Notes:

G. Allan O’Connor – Multi-Percussion Solo No. 3

This is a short (4:45) work that is perfect for a high school student or young college student looking to gain experience with multiple percussion repertoire. This piece is in three main sections. The first is centered around a conventional set of four timpani, but no pedaling is required, keeping this piece approachable for students with limited timpani experience. There are several quick moves around the setup, such as playing three consecutive sixteenth notes across the upper three drums with one hand while the other plays continuous eighth notes at 120 bpm. The second section is centered around the marimba with the triangle and timpani playing minor supporting roles. This section is built around rolls with a brief melodic passage nestled in the middle. Only two mallets are required. The third section is written for one hand to play a snare drum while the other plays the highest timpano. Brushes and sticks are required for this part. Other challenges in this work include a recurring 4:3 theme, stick/mallet changes (mostly during the third section), a few tempo changes, and frequent meter changes in the first and third sections.

—Brian Elizondo