Medley, Steven- The Ordinary World, for multiple percussion solo

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The Ordinary World, for multiple percussion solo.

Review from Percussive Notes (2022):

Very little information is given about “The Ordinary World” — no program notes or stage diagrams, no recordings, no description. That being said, it is an intriguing piece written as a multi-percussion solo, but it could be played as an extended drum set piece. It would almost certainly have to be played seated, as the score calls for a lot of quick hi-hat work, and though it isn’t stated as such, the bass drum could be a kick drum. The notation is clear and easy to read, but the page turns prove a challenge, as the piece is eight pages long on a large score with fast and dense notes and very few rests. 

The rhythm moves between duple and triple figures with syncopated accents, which makes the straightforward 4/4 time signature more funky. The combination of metal and membrane timbres makes the piece groovy and layered and reminiscent of William Kraft. The performer needs to have well-developed pedal skills, as the piece calls for complex hi-hat footwork. The player also needs to be able to move around a setup fluidly with control. While the tempo is not fast, the rhythms are, and they move rapidly between loud and soft dynamic levels. 

“The Ordinary World” would be an interesting addition to a recital, especially for someone wanting to learn a piece halfway between a traditional multi-percussion solo and a drum set solo. 

—Marilyn K. Clark Silva

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