Macbride, David- Meditation, for solo orchestra bells (Digital Download)

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For solo orchestra bells, includes score. A relaxing yet slightly haunting work that requires a  good time feel to play at a slow tempo and make the voices in either hand alternately blend and stand apart.  Use this on a recital where a quiet interlude is needed.  ca 3'

Print size: Letter (8.5 x 11")

Review from Percussive Notes:

David Macbride – Meditation

I have a soft spot for solo works that feature orchestral bells. Somewhere between the simplicity of the setup and the cathartic nature of the glistening metal I find myself enamored with David Macbride’s “Meditation.” This single-movement work embodies a sense of simplicity. It features an ostinato on the pitch C that moves throughout the range of the bells. Embellishing this is a series of dyads that reharmonize the C, taking the listener on a sonic journey. It is notable that two quarter-note quintuplets introduce the second half of the piece. However, the manageable tempo and comfort created by the ostinato make this a small obstacle to overcome and worth the investment of time. While “Meditation” calls for four mallets, its slow tempo and relative stasis make it technically accessible for the intermediate performer while still being musically appropriate for the professional recitalist looking for an encore piece.

—Quintin Mallette