Lipp, Charles- The Reckless Sleeper, for solo marimba (Digital Download)

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The Reckless Sleeper, for solo marimba, includes one score. 

Print size: 11 x 14"

Review from Percussive Notes (2021):

The Reckless Sleeper

Charles Lipp

“The Reckless Sleeper” is a rhythmically driven marimba solo with syncopated accents, constantly changing time signatures, register jumps, and extended techniques. The score is hand-written and includes indications like “out of focus timbre,” “rubbing the bars,” and “progressively more staccato.” There are no performance notes included, and executing some of the extended techniques (black-key glissando, dampening) will take experimentation from the performer to accomplish in the context of the piece. The score also calls for different types of rolls with varying speeds. The time signatures change almost every bar and include uneven time signatures like 1/4 ½.


The technique involved in “The Reckless Sleeper” is formidable. It could be done with two mallets, but the large register jumps might require four. The rhythms are complex, as are the dynamics. The piece is groovy and would be impressive for the audience to watch, making it a good addition to a graduate student recital, or for anyone with the necessary rhythmic and technical skill who wants a marimba challenge off the beaten path.

—Marilyn K. Clark Silva