Kornicki, Steve- Synchronous Momentum, vibraphone and electronic sounds (Digital Download)

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For vibraphone and electronic sounds, includes score and m4a file. Synchronous Momentum is a five minute piece for vibraphone and prerecorded electronic sound. The vibraphone consists of a single, unfolding melodic line that is doubled at various octave transpositions by synthesized percussion and bass sounds. Only two-mallet technique is required for the vibe part. An ideal work for college or professional recitals.

Print size: Letter (8.5 x 11")

Review from Percussive Notes:

"Synchronous Momentum" is a two-mallet vibraphone work accompanied by electronic sounds that are on a compact disc that is included with the score. The work is very much a fusion of pop music idioms and dance grooves. This five-minute work presents basic challenges for the vibist in terms of melodic patterns full of leaps and challenging rhythmic patterns that must be synchronized with the electronic sounds. "Synchronous Momemtum" will challenge the advanced performer and add momentum to any performance.

-Lisa Rogers