Hubbell, Nicholas- After All is Said, for percussion duo (Digital Download)

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After All is Said, for percussion duo, includes score and parts.

Print size: Score: Letter (8.5 x 11")

Parts: 11 x 13"

Review from Percussive Notes (2021):

After All is Said
Nicholas Hubbell

“After All is Said” is a brilliant addition to the multiple-percussion duo repertoire. Nicolas Hubbell has achieved a very electronic-sounding piece using only acoustic instruments. The unique instrumentation, driving rhythm, and formal structure all combine to create an extremely compelling nine-minute piece.

The piece opens with a sparse introduction and quickly moves into a more driving texture. Hubbell gradually layers the brighter-sounding instruments, such as glockenspiel and small tam tam, to great effect over the more earthy sounds, such as tom-toms, woodblock, and the low register of the vibraphone. This builds into a middle section that is truly ethereal and haunting. In the final section, Hubbell adds another layer of otherworldliness with the addition of the tenor steel pan.

A strong sense of time, ensemble, dynamics, and texture are crucial to the success of this piece. The performers should have a good sense of what to bring out and what to leave in the underlying texture. One key to a good multiple-percussion performance is having a setup that makes sense, and this is no exception. No setup diagrams are given, so the players will want to spend some time on this.

This would be great for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, or professionals. It is a composition in a rare class that achieves complexity for the performers, accessibility for the audience, and uniqueness in the way the instrumentation is used.

—Joe Millea