DeFotis, William- Continuous Showing, for percussion trio and self-made tape

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Continuous Showing includes sample tape and one score (three scores needed for performance). 

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Review from Percussive Notes (2021): 

Continuous Showing

William DeFotis

“Continuous Showing” is an ensemble piece for a self-made tape and three percussionists. This work seems reminiscent of pieces like John Cage’s “Third Construction.” The rhythms are highly complex from player to player, with many instances of gradual tempo changes that the players must agree upon. The instrumentation is detailed over a few pages in the program notes and will most likely take some thought into exactly what is needed to represent the required sounds.

What’s really interesting about this work is the self-made tape. There are a couple pages of program notes with instructions on how to create this. I imagine that making the tape is slightly easier now than it was when this piece was written in 1986. This could be a great opportunity for students who are great players to get experience with electronics and performing with audio.

—Ben Cantrell