Bruce, Neely- Untitled Piece No. IV, for trombone and percussion

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For trombone and percussion, includes parts. A lyrical trombone line is freely played against a tapestry of percussive timbres, Bruce's Untitled Piece No. IV is designed for young college players. The percussion instrumentation includes marimba, orchestra bells, sizzle cymbal, two tom-toms and five cowbells. The piece demands from the percussionist a sense of musical drama. Duration: ca. 5'

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Review from Percussive Notes:

The first page of “Untitled Piece No. 4” lists specific performance instructions. Among the important details, worth noting here, are that each page of the score lists the exact amount of time each page should take to perform. “Events” are notated on each percussion page, which can be performed in any order and at any tempo. However, all events need to be played.


All of the pages of the percussion score are similar in that they include quick figures on the keyboards and slower, more deliberate strikes of cymbals and toms. The trombone part enters three minutes into the five-minute piece with five lines of music in a strict tempo. If timed properly, I can imagine the performers would end together, but I also would guess that a certain level of chance and spontaneity is bound to occur.

This piece would be great for a student or professional recital in which the performers want to explore aleatoric music. The music is not technically difficult for either player, but there is plenty of musicality and chamber skills to gain from a performance of this work. One potential drawback is the need for five almglocken. No alternative or substitute is suggested.

—Justin Bunting