Musikmacher Productions

Posted by Stephanie on Nov 28th 2018

Musikmacher Productions

Purveyors of Contemporary Art Music

Trombonist, composer and improviser Stanley Schumacher founded Musikmacher Productions in 2005 because he wanted to produce recordings of contemporary art music by first-class musicians in a chamber music setting.

The mission of Musikmacher Productions has three distinct philosophical characteristics, the first of which is an embrace of both composition and improvisation in contemporary art music. Dr. Schumacher is saying that improvised and composed new music are equally important and that the results of both methods can be remarkably similar. The second distinguishing characteristic of the philosophy behind Musikmacher Productions is an unyielding commitment to the avant-garde. Life may be hard in the avant-garde, but Stanley Schumacher intends to push the music to the edge in all these recordings.

A third quality that has become apparent as the company has released its CD’s is a surprising variety of sound and style. None of the CD’s are alike in that each showcases a different aspect of contemporary music: electroacoustical textures, a brass only improvisation ensemble, poetry, “instructive lectures” by Professor Musikmacher, the interaction of contemporary art music and free form jazz, and a parody and a morality tale.

With its choice to record both improvised and composed new music, its commitment to the avant-garde, and the variety on its musical menu, Musikmacher Productions presents the best and hopes for the best.

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