Hurricane Florence

Posted by Stephanie on Sep 18th 2018

As many of you know, Media Press recently relocated to North Carolina, which was ripped apart by Hurricane Florence over the weekend. Many parts of the state are still flooded and/or without power, which is heartbreaking to watch. Some areas, such as our own, are starting to reopen businesses and fully assess the damage. We are happy to report that no damage has come to our special collection of music, but the occurrence of this disaster reminds us of the importance of digitizing our collection to preserve it. 

One of our big projects right now is to scan all of our pieces and make them available digitally. We have almost 300 items in our catalog, so this is no small feat for two people who also happen to teach full time, but the urgency is palpable after this disaster. 

When reading the news coverage about the fire in Brazil destroying literature and artifacts of educational and cultural value earlier this month, it is quite distressing to think that something could potentially happen to our collection due to factors beyond our control. Media Press is almost 50 years old and houses some very unique contemporary music, some of which is difficult to find. We want to preserve the legacy of our composers, which is why our digitizing efforts are so important to us. 

So as the rest of our state recovers from this disaster, we are continuing to work hard to protect our culture through the preservation of music. 

Stay strong, NC.