Bianchi, Frederick- The Max Roach Variations, for three percussionists (Digital Download)

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Includes three scores.

Print size: 11 x 17"

Review from Percussive Notes (2021):

The Max Roach Variations

Frederick Bianchi

“The Max Roach Variations” takes complex drum set grooves and splits them up between three players, creating a composition with the feeling of improvisation. The score consists of 19 individual sections, and each section consists of a variable number of events that are played by the percussionists. The individual events can be played in any order. The three percussionists work together to decide on the tempo, order of events in each section, number of repeats, and instruments used in each section. The performance of the piece can vary greatly depending on the decisions made by the performers.

Though the handwritten notation is a little hard to read, the concept and the music itself is groovy and complex. The players need to have incredible ensemble playing skills and musical sensitivity, as well as mastery of each individual drum set instrument to make this piece successful. Though each player is only playing one or two instruments at a time, the parts require finesse and a good grasp of rudiments and stick control.

The players all read off of the same score, and the printed version comes with three copies. This piece would be a fun project for experienced drum set players wanting to experiment with multi percussion playing, or vice versa, and would be a nice addition to a percussion ensemble concert.

—Marilyn K. Clark Silva