Oliveira, João Pedro- City Walk, for solo percussionist

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City Walk, for solo percussion comes with one score. 

2nd place Winner of Media Press, Inc.'s 2020 Solo Percussion Composition Contest.

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Review from Percussive Notes (2021):

City Walk
João Pedro Oliveira

In percussion, we have seemingly endless opportunities for differentiated instrumentation and timbral exploration. “City Walk” is a perfect example of expounding on these opportunities. About the instrumentation, the composer writes: “This piece is composed for one (or more) set of 8 metal objects. They can be gongs, plates, frying pans, brake drums, etc. The performer is free to choose the objects to be used in the piece. Objects do not need to be part of the same family, i.e., the setup can mix different timbres. For example: 2 gongs, 1 brake drum, 2 metal plates, etc.”

Additionally, mallets are used, as are 10 thimbles, 5 for each hand. The composer states that the size, texture, and material of the thimbles is chosen by the performer. There are also improvisatory sections. Percussionists who enjoy experimenting with sonic and timbral possibilities will be sure to enjoy practicing and performing “City Walk.”

—Cassie Bunting