Macbride, David- Standing, for solo vibraphone

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Standing, for solo vibraphone, includes one score.

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Review from Percussive Notes:


“Standing” is certainly an undertaking for any performer from a rhythmic and performance standpoint. However, it is also a striking exploration of the capability of the vibraphone in the concert hall.


The music is divided roughly into 12 sections over five pages of music. Instructions from the composer range from “violent” to “spacious” and “wild, angry.” Tempi are specifically prescribed for each section and accompanied by very precise details such as “no break, interrupt in the middle of the previous figure,” and pointing out individual pitches of chords that should be “brought out.”


Beyond all the technical implications of the score, the piece is rhythmically complex. There are multiple instances of needing to read three staves at once. On the second page, for example, the top stave includes triplets and 7:8 thirty-second notes, the middle stave includes sixteenth note-based rhythms, and the bottom stave includes parts of quintuplets.


“Standing” would make a great showcase piece on a recital. At around 11 minutes long, it is a significant concert piece for the vibraphone.The very specific instructions in the score could rub some the wrong way who feel that interpretation of a composer’s work is up to the performer. However, due to the fragmented nature of the music, I believe all capable performers would be satisfied in giving this piece a chance.

—Justin Bunting



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