Hubbell, Nicholas- Mosaic II: Mandelbrot's Dream, for two marimbas (four players)

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Mosaic II: Mandelbrot's Dream, is for two marimbas with four players-- includes score and four parts. 

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Review from Percussive Notes (2021):

Mosaic II: Mandelbrot’s Dream

Nicholas Hubbell

“Mosaic II: Mandelbrot’s Dream” is a wonderful piece of music for four players on two 4.5-octave marimbas. The title most likely refers to the work of mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, who coined the term “fractal” and is recognized for his contributions to fractal geometry.


The piece slowly develops throughout its 8-minute duration, with players gradually adding a little bit to their pattern throughout. A gradual crescendo also happens in the first half of the piece, with the vertical orchestration providing the crescendo for the second half. While it is reminiscent of more mainstream minimalist music, “Mosaic II” feels much more balanced and accessible while still maintaining the highest degree of artistic depth—like a combination of Terry Riley and Paul Smadbeck.


From a performance standpoint, the individual parts are not overly tricky, but achieving a cohesive ensemble sound and blend is crucial. This is in addition to requiring excellent time and precise rhythm, making it appropriate for a college-level percussion quartet. The fact that it is playable on just two 4.5-octave marimbas makes it especially accessible for ensembles with limited instrument availability.


I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed listening to “Mosaic II: Mandelbrot’s Dream.” I highly recommend it for any performance setting.

—Joe Millea