Henry, Otto- Symphony No. 1, in one movement

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In one movement by Otto Henry, includes score and parts. From the Composer's Notes: "Some of this music dates back to an orchestral work, The Blue Guitar that I wrote while studying composition with Gardner Read in 1959. Mr. Read passed away in November of 2005 shortly after I had talked to him on the telephone. I began to think about this old piece and the times we spent together at Boston University and so began to transfer the manuscript to a computer notation program. I wasn't satisfied and I started changing everything and so just took some themes and went on with new materials. It may become clear that I enjoy little gapped scales that may make some passages difficult. Writing an orchestral work like this makes one more and more aware of the role of the conductor in leading an ensemble and adjusting phrases and tempos and balancing dynamics in the various sections, and also of the difficulty of expressing all of the above in the written score. I can only hope I have given the right indications and that the musical context is clear enough to provide more insight into this difficult and lovely business of making music." Duration ca. 22". 

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