Beerman, Burton


New York City's The Village Voice has said that "There is a remarkable clarity in the way Burton Beerman carries out the logic of his materials and he has an excellent ear for sound color…the composer displays an acute sensitivity to the differences between live sound and electronic sound and the music contains extraordinary moments when the sound seems to belong to both worlds…"  Born: 12 June 1943 in Atlanta, Georgia, Beerman studied composition and clarinet at Florida State University (B.M. 1966) and the University of Michigan (M.M. 1968, D.M.A. 1971) His teachers include Ross Lee Finney and George Wilson He has been hailed by audiences as one of the leading clarinetists of contemporary and avant-garde music whose virtuosity and technical control of the instrument establish him as a remarkable and compelling performer. Composer, clarinetist, video artist, and computer programmer, Beerman is a recipient of numerous commissions and awards, among these are awards from the International Society of Bassists for Voices for soprano voice and contra-bass, The Martha K. Cooper Orchestra Prize for Moments and a Lipscomb prize. He is director of the Music Technology Studios and has recorded on the Capstone label.