Blatter, Alfred


Alfred Blatter is the co-founder of Media Press and the author of the definitive international reference/textbook, Instrumentation and Orchestration, now in its second edition. His compositions are performed throughout the world, and he has recieved commissions from such groups as Sonneries Woodwind Quintet, Eugene (Oregon) Symphony, Champaign-Urbana (Illinois) Symphony, and the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia. He received his D.M.A from the University of Illinois and taught music theory at Illinois before becoming the director of performing arts at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Blatter was conductor and musical coordinator for the American Music Theater's acclaimed Philadelphia and New York City performances of Harry Partch's Revelation in Courthouse Park. He has served on the faculty of The Curtis Institute of Music since 1989. Dr. Blatter retired from Drexel University in 2002 and his latest book, Revisiting Music Theory (2nd edition) is published by Rutledge Press.