Weisling, Raymond


Raymond Weisling was born on 13 March 1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Except for a five-year period in the mid- to late 1980's he has lived in Indonesia continuously since 1980.He studied music at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (B.F.A. 1971) and electronics and fine arts at the California Institute of the Arts (1975) where he worked with computer music and kinetic sound sculpture. He also played the Javanese Gamelan while there, which drew him to Indonesia in 1980. Since that time he has taken on a keen interest in Indonesian language, teaching English and since 1999, has directed PT Zetalink Technology Indonesia. His composition teachers include Barney Childs, James Tenney and Morton Subotnick. "Essence of Ampersand was written in 1970 and published by Media Press.