Power, Richard- An Unspoken Labyrinth of Questions, for E-flat Baritone Saxophone

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For solo Eb Baritone Saxophone, includes score. An Unspoken Labyrinth of Questions is designed to demonstrate the unique timbral qualities and agility of the baritone saxophone. Power was interested in accomplishing this without any extended techniques (other than fluttertongueing), but instead by exploring some rather unique sounds through virtuosic and expressive playing. The result is a kaleidoscope of rapidly changing moods and textures, with an emphasis upon various kinds of ornamentation and articulation, along with a wide variety of rhythmic gestures. The title of the piece is a quotation for Cormac McCarthy's novel Cities of the Plain, and many of its compositional ideas were inspired by the book's epilogue, particularly its meditation upon the nature of dreams and dreaming. duration: ca. 6'15"

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